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the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress

The 19th Communist Party of China (CPC) National Congress will convene in Beijing on Oct 18.


?中共中央政治局(the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee)8月31日召开会议,会议决定中国共产党第十八届中央委员会第七次全体会议(the seventh plenary meeting of the 18th CPC Central Committee)于2017年10月11日在北京召开。

?中共中央政治局将向党的十八届七中全会建议,中国共产党第十九次全国代表大会(the 19th CPC National Congress)于2017年10月18日在北京召开。根据会议,中共十九大将选举产生新一届中央委员会(the CPC Central Committee)和中央纪律检查委员会(the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection)。

?会议强调,中国共产党第十九次全国代表大会是在全面建成小康社会决胜阶段(the decisive stage in finishing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects)、中国特色社会主义发展关键时期(the crucial period of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics)召开的一次十分重要的大会。

?大会将高举中国特色社会主义伟大旗帜(hold high the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics),以马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想、邓小平理论、"三个代表"重要思想、科学发展观为指导(be guided by Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Thought of Three Represents, and the Scientific Outlook on Development)。

?会议还强调,大会将贯彻习近平总书记系列重要讲话精神和党中央治国理政新理念新思想新战略(new ideas, thoughts and strategies regarding governance by the CPC Central Committee)。

?中共十九大将认真总结过去5年工作(review the Partys work over the past five years),回顾总结党的十八大以来以习近平同志为核心的党中央团结带领全党全国各族人民坚持和发展中国特色社会主义的历史进程和宝贵经验(summarize the historical process and the valuable experience the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping as its core has gained uniting and leading all members of the Party and people of all ethnic groups in China to carry on and advance socialism with Chinese characteristics)。

?中共十九大将深入分析当前国际国内形势(thoroughly examine the current international and domestic situation),全面把握党和国家事业发展新要求和人民群众新期待(fully take into account new requirements for the Party and the countrys development as well as new expectations from the people),制定适应时代要求的行动纲领和大政方针(draw guidelines for actions and major policies that meet the requirements of the times),动员全党全国各族人民坚定中国特色社会主义道路自信、理论自信、制度自信、文化自信(call upon all members of the Party and people of all ethnic groups in China to fortify their confidence in the socialist path, theories, system and culture with Chinese characteristics)。

?中共十九大将继续统筹推进"五位一体"(continue promoting coordinated progress in economic, political, cultural, social and ecological areas)总体布局、协调推进"四个全面"战略(the Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy, which includes building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, driving reform to a deeper level, fully implementing the rule of law, and strengthening Party discipline)布局,继续推进党的建设新的伟大工程,为决胜全面建成小康社会、努力开创中国特色社会主义新局面而团结奋斗。


十八大 the 18th CPC National Party Congress

中央委员 members of the CPC Central Committee

基层同志 comrades at the grass-roots leve

党内民主 intra-Party democracy

民主集中制 democratic centralism



China will develop a supersonic speed HyperFlight transport network with a designed speed of up to 4,000 km/h, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation announced.


?据了解,所谓高速飞行列车(HyperFlight)是利用低真空环境和超声速外形减小空气阻力(reduce air resistance with a low vacuum environment and supersonic shape),通过磁悬浮减小摩擦阻力(reduce friction resistance via magnetic suspension),实现超音速运行的运输系统(transport system)。

?来自航天科工的消息来源称,高速飞行列车的速度将是传统高铁列车(traditional high-speed train)的10倍,是民航客机(passenger airplane)的5倍,最高时速将达4000公里(the maximum speed will be 4,000 km/h)。

?如果乘坐这样的高速飞行列车,北京到上海约1000公里、目前高铁要走4.5小时的行程(the roughly 1,000 km journey from Beijing to Shanghai, which now takes 4.5 hours via high-speed rail)只需不到20分钟,北京到天津只需3分钟,北京到武汉仅需30分钟

?据了解,高速飞行列车项目落地开花将按照三步走战略逐步实现(be carried out gradually),第一步通过1000公里/小时运输能力建设区域性城际飞行列车交通网(transport network),第二步通过2000公里/小时运输能力建设国家超级城市群(super urban cluster)飞行列车交通网,第三步通过4000公里/小时运输能力建设"一带一路"飞行列车交通网。

?高速飞行列车还拥有运行时不受恶劣天气的影响(immunity to bad weather)、不消耗化石能源(zero fossil fuel consumption)、可与城市地铁无缝接驳(seamless linkage to urban metro)等诸多优点。

?航天科工称,高速飞行列车将成为我国继航天、高铁、核电之后的又一个新的标志性产品(be a new signature product for China in addition to aerospace, high-speed rail and nuclear power)。除航天科工外,世界上只有少数企业正在研发时速超过1000公里的运输系统(develop a transport system with speeds of more than 1,000 km/h)。


轨道交通 rail traffic

动车 bullet train

城际列车 inter-city train

绿皮火车 green train


domestic trip

During the first week of October, the golden week of holiday, 650m domestic trips are expected to be made in China and over 6m people will travel abroad, according to a report.


?今年中秋国庆假期撞档(the Mid-Autumn Festival will join the National Day holiday)将连放8天,迎来史上最长公共假期(the longest public holiday),旅游市场因此形势大好。

?国内最大在线旅行社(online travel agency)携程旅游发布的《2017十一黄金周旅游趋势预测报告》显示,今年选择长线游(long-haul travel)的游客人数明显上升。最受欢迎的旅行时长为4-6天,与此同时,选择7-10天以及10天以上行程(pick travel plans of 7 to 10 days and over 10 days)的游客占比分别达到25%和13%,同比分别增长140%和300%。

?泰国、日本、美国是今年最受国内游客青睐的三个国家(the top three countries favored by Chinese tourists)。携程还预测,未来一个月里,日本、泰国、印尼、柬埔寨等签证申请程序简化(easy visa application process)的短途目的地将持续"发力",成为中国游客最集中的海外旅游目的地。

?今年,国内游(domestic travel)甚至比出境游(overseas travel)更加火爆。许多旅游景点游客的数量将比去年翻番(have double visitors than that of last year)。受到"一带一路"倡议(the Belt and Road Initiative)的带动,甘肃、新疆、内蒙古等西部和北方线路今年人气爆棚,旅游团出现供不应求的情况。


散客 individual traveler

自由行 independent travel

跟团游 package tour

深度游 in-depth travel

自驾游 self-driving tours


start-up friendly city

With a vigorous entrepreneurial culture, huge talent pool, efficient local government policy support and promising market niches, Chinas start-up friendly cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are attracting an increasing number of entrepreneurs.


?根据商业分析平台(business analysis platform)"标准排名"和联合办公空间(co-working office space)公司"优客工场"发布的"2017中国大陆最宜创业城市排行榜50强",北京、上海、深圳、广州、杭州、武汉、天津、苏州、成都和南京是大陆排名前10的创业友好城市(start-up friendly city)。

?该榜单以腾讯研究院等机构的大数据(big data)作为支撑,从创业热度(enthusiasm for entrepreneurship)、政策环境(policy environment)、智力支持(intellectual support)三个一级维度去衡量一座城市是否适宜创业。

?沿海经济发达地区(economically developed coastal area)的创业表现依然强劲。50强中,广东有5个城市入榜;江苏、浙江、山东各有4个城市入榜;安徽、河北各有3个城市入榜;四川、辽宁、福建、广西则各有两个城市入榜。西部地区有11个城市跻身50强。

?作为中国双创(mass entrepreneurship, innovation)的策源地,北京的霸主地位难撼并有集中趋势。以具体的二级指标(sub-index)来看,2016年北京的新三板(the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, the New Third Board)挂牌企业(listed company)数量为1450,几乎为第二名上海(878)与第三名深圳(686)之和。北京的国家级双创平台(platform of mass entrepreneurship and innovation)数量为174家,也几乎是上海(89)与深圳(86)之和。


双创人才 innovative and entrepreneurial talent

新创企业孵化器 start-up incubator

启动资金 start-up fund

税收激励 tax incentive

独角兽企业 unicorn

数字经济 digital economy


the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana

The 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana was remembered by fans across Britain Thursday.


?8月31日是英国戴安娜王妃逝世20周年(the 20th anniversary of Princess Dianas death),大批英国民众前往戴妃生前的住所——肯辛顿宫门外献上鲜花和蜡烛(floral tributes and candles were placed outside the gates of Kensington Palace, where the princess had lived),以示悼念。

?威尔士王妃戴安娜1997年8月31日在巴黎遭遇车祸丧生(be killed in a car crash),当时威廉王子15岁,哈里王子只有12岁。戴安娜积极投身慈善事业,是多个慈善组织的赞助人或主席。她的亲民善举颠覆并且拯救了英国王室高高在上的冰冷形象,被前首相布莱尔盛赞为"人民的王妃(the peoples princess)"。

?不少英国媒体8月31日的头版不约而同地刊登了威廉王子、哈里王子和凯特王妃在戴安娜忌辰前夕冒雨(brave the rain)前往肯辛顿宫的洼地花园(Sunken Park)悼念戴妃(pay tribute to Princess Diana)的照片。

?为了纪念这位早逝的"英伦玫瑰(English rose)",肯辛顿宫的园丁在洼地花园里种植了白玫瑰、郁金香、白百合、勿忘我(forget-me-not)等戴安娜生前喜欢的花卉。当天,威廉、哈里以及凯特还在肯辛顿宫会见了戴安娜提供支持的慈善机构的代表(meet representatives of the charities Diana supported)。

?肯辛顿宫发言人在一份正式的致谢辞(formal acknowledgment)中称,两位王子十分感激民众送来的悼念母亲的鲜花、信件和字句,并对那些亲自来到肯辛顿宫的人表示感谢(thank those who made the journey to Kensington Palace)。

?据媒体报道,戴安娜忌辰当日,威廉和哈里兄弟两人没有出席任何官方活动(official event),私下缅怀亡母(reflect on their late mothers memory privately) 。


王室 royal family

丧亲之痛 bereavement

默哀 observe a moment of silence

纪念/哀悼 in tribute to

沉痛悼念 mourn with deep grief


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